Today’s Special: Historic Homes Under $200,000

I’m not sure what the cutoff is for “affordable” these days when it comes to buying a home. What I do know is that older homes are becoming more unaffordable every day, like every other sort of home. So it caught my eye when a little group of at least relatively affordable homes popped up this week. They’ll probably sell quickly — one already has, in a single day — but their appearance on the market does confirm that such houses exist.

None of these appear to require major restoration work. They’re all essentially move-in ready, as far as one can judge from the listings. They’re mostly smaller places in smaller towns. For the moment, at least, these look like the best opportunities for buyers looking for affordable historic homes in the Piedmont Triad.

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2450 and 2456 Glencoe Street: Two Restored Houses in Alamance County’s Historic Mill Village

Glencoe Mill Village is a beautifully isolated, surprisingly intact little community north of Burlington on N.C. 62 at the Haw River. “It is a typical but remarkably well-preserved example of nineteenth century industrial villages that once flourished in North Carolina’s Piedmont region,” Glencoe’s National Register nomination states.

It’s not as remote as it was when it was established in 1880, but if you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s quiet, out-of-the way and a historic treasure, Glencoe is it. There are two beautifully restored homes for sale in the village (another is under contract). One is priced at $250,000; the other, $159,000.

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